First Trailer for 24: Live Another Day

London’s burning admid total chaos, bullet holes fire into an upturned taxi embossed with the Union Jack, people scream and run in all directions.


This is the hot new trailer for 24: Live Another Day which features a returning Jack Bauer coming out of hiding to foil yet another terrorist attack.

This time the attack is right here in old blighty, and Jack is going to be up to his neck in it as he also tries to evade capture by American forces.

Another character favourite making a return is Chole, who looks to have changed significantly as she shows off a Dragon Tattoo inspired Gothic look.

Personally we’re pretty excited about the series and the return of a much loved character, so expect guns, explosions and unconventional interrogation techniques.

24: Live Another Day is set to hit the US May 5th and the UK soon after.

Check out the trailer below…

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X-Men: Days of Future Past release new images

As if the anticipation of the forth coming X-Men: Days of Future Past hasn’t reached epic levels already, four movie stills have been released online.

Featuring characters Magneto, Wolverine, Mystique, Sunspot, Colossus, Kitty Pryde and Iceman, they all look devilishly serious and seriously pumped up, well one of them at least.

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

We’re certainly excited for this one, and the stills below only emphasise what a great film this could potentially be.





X-Men: Days of Future Past is released 22nd May in the UK.

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Source: Empire

The Raid 2: Berandal

Any one who sat down to watch The Raid might have been surprised by the result, a heart pounding, tense and totally explosive action film set the bar for others to follow.

So it was with great anticipation we awaited the follow up, how would director Gareth Evans top the first one, I was worried.

To be honest I shouldn’t have been, The Raid 2: Berandal looks like it will be everything and more I could wish for from an action film, let alone a sequel. I had to watch the trailer a few times over to really get a feel for what is surely going to be a brilliant follow up.


Events pick up straight after the first one, with our hero Rama eventually getting out of the tower block alive, but its not long before he’s back into the fray as he’s called upon to go undercover in prison.

Leaving his family behind he heads into the lions den to help bring down not one but two criminal families, getting in deeper into the underworld than he ever thought he would do.

The action is going to be off the chart, if you like your martial arts then this is going to be right up your street, beautifully choreographed and violent it had me almost punching the air in delight.

From baseball bats, knives and even hammers Gareth Evans has brought us an action film to leave you standing up and applauding for an encore, and this is only the trailer.

There is even time to throw in a car chase for good measure amidst a running time of over two and a half hours, its sure to please action buffs no end.

Check out the two trailers below…

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Starred Up gets a new trailer and poster

If you like your prison dramas gritty then look no further than Starred Up, which judging from the trailer is going to be one hell of a hard hitting look at life on the inside.

The film stars Jack O’Connell (Tower Block) who is cementing himself as a rising star, and pairs him with Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom).

starred up

Directed by David Mackenzie the film sees Eric (O’Connell), banged up and causing havoc as he fights against imates, guards and himself.

Mendelsohn plays his father, and does his best to teach him the rules for surviving each day, “you have to behave, or they will kill you”, he says.

Brit prison films are a plenty these days but this look likes taking things to a more dramatic conclusion, from what we see of the acting so far its top draw.

View the trailer below…

Full poster…

starred up2

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Daniel Espinosa lined up to Direct Assassin’s Creed?

Safe House director Daniel Espinosa is potentialy being lined up to direct the videogame adaption of Assassin’s Creed.

The game which has been a smash hit across many platforms and has a massive fan base will see Michael Fassbender take on the lead role of the assassin who uses a machine to relive the memories of his ancestor Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad, who fought in the Third Crusade.

assasins creed

Espinosa has slowly put his stamp on Hollywood after his after Swedish action thriller Snabba Cash was released in the UK under the title Easy Money and stared new RoboCop’s Joel Kinnaman.

I’ve never played the game before but it looks very good, the character using almost Tomb Raider like parkour skills to move about and complete missions.

The film looks set to be released 6 August 2015 with Fassbender producing also.

Source: Twitch