The Bourne Legacy gets a first trailer

An ass kicking teaser trailer has been released online for the upcoming Bourne Legacy, not featuring Matt Damon this time, but instead Jeremy Renner.

Renner will play Kenneth Kitson, who we can see in the opening part of the trailer looking a little worse for wear as he is slowly inducted into ‘the program’ and given a new identity, name Aaron Cross.

The trailer gives nothing away to the actual plot, which is great. It does show Renner dishing out serious punishment, while it looks like he is going to be chased along the way by Ed Norton and Joan Allen back as Pam Landy.

According to it all Bourne was the “tip of the iceberg”, so expect lots of counter espionage and explosive visuals.

Check out the trailer…

Renner is more than acceptable enough to fill Bourne’s shoes, having already seen action in the recent Mission Impossible in which his hand to hand combat was on show.

There is also a cool poster, with the even cooler tagline, “there was never just one”. The Bourne Legacy is released in the  UK on 15 August 2012.

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