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One of Spielberg’s finest films of his career, Jaws shocked and terrified audiences worldwide when it was released in the late 70s. It certainly made people think twice before ever entering the water again. With a trio of classic actors, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and not forgetting Roy Schieder they battled a large great white shark from devouring anymore locals of Amity Island.

It’s gripping all the way through from start to finish, and while now a days we would look at the special effects as probably laughable it created the desired effect at the time. However it spawned not one but three other sequels.

While Chief Brody returned for the second installment he was not around for the last two (shockers) one of which was in 3D. His on screen wife though took his mantle and was also there for the horrendous Jaws the Revenge.

Taking these out of the equation Jaws is a must have for any DVD shelf, but make sure you get the 25th Anniversary Edition which contains some great extras including a wonderful documentary.