Jack Bauer to big screen adapt, Kiefer Sutherland thinks so

It was the series to end all series, Jack Bauer made Kiefer Sutherland a household name again and resurrected him from a stuttering film career.

During the epic run that the popular show had globally it was always discussed whether or not Jack Bauer would make it onto the big screen.

There was a kind of film, of sorts, 24 Redemption which held the series together between 6 and 7 and even starred Robert Carlye and Tony Todd but it was never going to be a cinematic release.

The first script was rejected by 20th Century Fox a few months ago but according to the man himself he is confident he’ll be grabbing his Jack sac and gun soon.

Sutherland spoke to Regis and Kelly on their show and said that the film could start shooting as soon as 2012 with possibly action guru Tony Scott at the helm.

Sutherland said: “There is going to be a 24 movie. People come up to me and say they love the show. It’s funny, because I don’t feel like we finished. It’s still such a presence in my life.

We will hopefully start next January and Tony Scott is one of the directors who has expressed great interest in doing it, I think he would be fantastic. I am really excited to do that.”

Fans of the show will be waiting with baited breath then for 24 to be given the green light, and hopefully a film version will do just as well as the TV shows did.

Tony Scott and Keifer Sutherland have already been throwing some ideas about as to how to make it an irresistible offer for the big studios, according to Executive producer Howard Gordon.

Gordon said: “As far as I know, it is in suspended animation, there is talk about re-approaching it. I understand Tony Scott is meeting with Kiefer to talk about ideas.

People are still talking about it. I was disappointed Fox passed on the script but I’m certainly hopeful that the movie will get made at some point. I’ve heard from people who are really missing the show and I do think there is more life in Jack Bauer.”

Either way its certainly got us excited, let the countdown begin!

Source: Coming Soon

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